Bankruptcy Help Group: Financial Warning Signs?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  At the end of the month you don't have enough money to buy necessities, like food and gas which are then charged on your credit card.  
  You are afraid to answer your telephone, even if you have Caller ID, or you dread opening your mail each day.  
  You are at the maximum limit on your credit cards, and can barely make the minimum payments each month.  
  You are borrowing from one credit card to make your minimum payments on other cards or transferring balances from card to card to get a better interest rate.  
  You are living paycheck to paycheck or with the fear that if either you or your spouse lost your job, you will be in financial hot water.  
  You have applied for a debt consolidation loan, and have been turned down.  
  You have signed up with a debt consolidation company, and cannot make the required minimum monthly payment.  
  You are constantly fighting with your spouse or significant other over money matters.  
  Your bills are weighing on your mind to the point where you are constantly anxious, and it is now affecting your ability to sleep soundly or to perform your function day-to-day tasks normally.  
  You have applied for a loan modification with your mortgage company and was turned down.  
If you find yourself nodding "yes" to more than a couple of these, chances are it's time for you to CALL.

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