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If you are reading this page, you are probably receiving letters and calls from your creditors, or the collection agents they hire to go after you. If the calls have not started yet and you are behind in your payments, then get ready, they are coming.

Collection agencies are relentless! They make money by collecting it from YOU. In my experience, they will push the envelope of what is legal trying to fill their pockets from whatever they can intimidate, force, coerce or guilt you into paying. Some will go as far as using illegal methods to try and separate you from your hard earned money. Sure, there are laws in place that are supposed to protect you from illegal collection actions, but the collectors realize how difficult it is to actually pursue and prosecute them.

My clients say that they receive calls from some creditors non-stop, some reporting that they get calls every couple hours of every day. It gets to the point where a ringing phone results in your stress and anxiety level going through the roof.

You'd be amazed at how many creditors (not all) donít care that you have suffered a financial setback and just need temporary relief so that you can feed your kids or keep your mortgage current. The majority of my clients say they tried to work out alternate arrangements just to make it through a tough period, only to have their interest rates go sky high and the phone calls increase!

There is good news however:

When you retain Bankruptcy Help Group, you can start answering your phone again to let them know you now have an attorney on your side. Give them our office number and they will start calling our office and I will deal with them for you. Because I and my staff know the laws the creditors will stop calling you usually as soon as you retain us to represent you. Sure, you may receive a few calls until you actually file, but the majority will stop bothering you.

By filing for bankruptcy protection, all creditors are required by law to stop contacting you in any manner. Then, once your debts are discharged, they can never contact you again to collect on the discharged debt. If they do contact you after your bankruptcy is filed, they are breaking the law and are subject to severe sanctions and penalties from the bankruptcy court. So this means not only no more calls at home, it means they canít contact you at work or mail you any more threatening collection letters either. With all this stress out of your life you will be able to sleep at night and not be woken up at 8:00am on a Sunday morning by some collection company calling you from India or China.

Bankruptcy law can be pretty complex, but when it comes to harassment from creditors, like your phone ringing from morning to night 7 days a week, one thing is simple:


Please call our office today for a free telephone consultation and let's discuss your particular situation.








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