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Taxes and Bankruptcy: The Basics

Back State or Federal Taxes is something everyone fears, owing a credit card company is scary enough but owing the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") or Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue ("DOR") can be truly terrifying. Back taxes owed is nothing to ignore and if you don't have the money to pay them and you can't raise it, you are probably afraid they are going to take your bank account or garnish your paycheck. When the IRS uses its legal powers to garnish your wages and/or freeze your bank account, it is natural that you feel powerless. If you owe State or Federal taxes and you are also behind in other payments to creditors, Bankruptcy Laws can help you and give you the much needed financial assistance for you to get back on your feet.

Filing Bankruptcy Instantly Stops Tax Garnishments and wage garnishments from creditors!

A garnishment from the IRS and/or DOR, that is sucking hundreds of dollars per week out of your paycheck or wages and away from your family can spell financial ruin. Filing bankruptcy INSTANTLY stops the IRS and/or DOR tax and/or wage garnishments. In fact, as soon as the IRS, DOR and/or other taxing authority finds out you filed either a Ch. 7 or 13 bankruptcy, it is required to immediately stop the garnishment and cease taking money out of your paycheck. It doesn’t even matter what kind of taxes you owe, the IRS and/or DOR must stop the garnishment. You may still ultimately owe or need to repay some of these taxes (see below), but at least with your bankruptcy filed and the garnishment stopped, you are in a much better position to propose a repayment plan to IRS or DOR on terms you can afford. Plus, if the taxes are dischargeable in bankruptcy...then both the taxes owed and the garnishment are done and gone forever.

A Lot Of IRS/DOR Income Taxes Are Dischargeable:

If you have personal income tax debts that are more than three years old, provided that you filed income tax returns for those years, you can generally eliminate those tax debts by filing bankruptcy. If you did not, you will first need to file your income tax returns before you can seek a discharge by filing bankruptcy. Many people believe taxes are never dischargeable….that is not true, if the taxes you owe are more than 3 years old and you meet the other requirements, you may not have to pay them back at all. Did you hear that? You may not have to pay those taxes back at all. Most people and even some bankruptcy attorneys don't know this.... but luckily for you.....we know the rules, can explain them to you and can usually determine at our first meeting whether the IRS/DOR is dischargeable.

What About Non-dischargeable Taxes?

For taxes that can't be discharged in Chapter 7, we can get you up to 60 months in a Chapter 13 case to repay them in a monthly amount that is far more affordable than the wage garnishment they proposed.

What does this mean to you? In layman’s terms it means you can get the IRS off your back and have up to 60 months to repay your tax debt to the IRS or Massachusetts Department or Revenue. These payments are often far more affordable than what the IRS or DOR is taking via garnishment. One example is if you owe the IRS $20,000.00 in "non-dischargeable" taxes, you can....in many cases....cause the IRS to take payments of approximately $85-$90 per week. Bankruptcy can also force the IRS to take payments in many cases without adding penalties. Obviously, these options are a lot better than having the IRS or DOR levy your bank accounts.....or worse...a lot better than having the IRS or DOR garnish your wages on a weekly basis. However, determining which tax debts are dischargeable is a complicated matter. You will be better off discussing your specific situation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer rather than trying to navigate the confusing laws yourself. So Call today for a FREE Telephone Consultation!


Of course there's a lot more too it than just this, but it is very complicated to generalize and explain each client’s potential situation. Obviously, each client’s results will vary depending on their specific financial circumstances. The example and explanation provided above is simply a general explanation of how Federal Bankruptcy Law takes can benefit you if you have tax issues. Although this information is general in nature.....it clearly illustrates that even when you are faced with the IRS or DOR taking your money there are some real financial solutions when you consult with an experienced attorney.

Attorney Scannell and the Bankruptcy Help Group staff have handled these situations and can talk with experience in these matters. Remember problems do not go away by themselves!

You must take some action and calling me to discuss your options and the actions needed to resolve your tax issues or garnishments is VITAL!!!! So why wait any longer and let the government take more of your paycheck Call today for a FREE Telephone Consultation!

In addition to tax issues we can likely solve many of your other financial problems..... and give you options or a plan of action to resolve them!

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